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Agriculture is a small but varied field. Perceptions that jobs in the field are scarce and poorly paid may have contributed to dwindling enrolment numbers, but the reality is that many students may not even know what these jobs actually are or what agriculture is all about. If this sounds like you — or you think it’s just a field for future farmers — read on.

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Although agriculture is a highly specialised field of study, it actually offers some very diverse options. Not only does it cover the 'basics', such as crop and animal science, it also allows students to explore areas that show them how to create a profitable business. This means that agriculture and related courses often incorporate subject areas such as computing and IT, economics, engineering and marketing. Much falls under the broad banner of 'agriculture', and it can suit those with interests and skills that range from farming and production to business and science.

It is essentially a vocational field of study, so you should expect that most specialisations will prepare you for work in relevant jobs and industries. Workers in agriculture cultivate and manage natural resources, most commonly in primary industries such as forestry, dairy, cattle, aquaculture, livestock and crop management, as well as other niche industries such as horticulture and wine.

For more information about careers in the industry, visit the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology website. Other fields of study likely to appeal to someone interested in agriculture include environmental studies and sciences . If you are considering adding expertise in business and management , economics , accounting or education and training to your agriculture skill base, it may also be worth looking into these fields. Veterinary science is an option for those with interests in animals and medicine.