Creative arts

The visual and performing arts are as old as civilisation itself. Years ago, creative talent used to be nurtured by patrons who would sponsor the development of individual artists and overall artistic technique. These days, many choose to pursue their passion through formal study.

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So far as academia is concerned, this is one of the newer fields of study. While university is an option, some of the most established providers with the best reputations are specialist private providers, and many courses are available in the vocational sector.

The rebranding of creative arts as the ‘creative industries’ in some institutions has led to a shift in the profile of the field. Where the arts used to be confined to museums and galleries, the ‘creative economy’ now drives all types of business and organisations. Thanks to the digital medium, more artists now work in corporations as well as in studios, with a significant number of those qualified in creative arts working outside specialist creative organisations. This also reflects a new appreciation of the arts as a potential export industry, following the high-profile growth of Australia’s popularity as a film production entity and the internationally renowned success of many Australian artists, including actors, animators and authors.

For more information about careers in this field, refer to the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance , National Association for the Visual Arts and Live Performance Australia websites.

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