Dentistry is a small, well-known and high-status profession. In general practice, dentists perform tasks associated with diagnosing, treating and preventing disease and abnormalities of the teeth, gums and mouth. Dentists can also specialise in a number of areas, earning titles ranging from the familiar (such as orthodontist and oral surgeon) to the unusual (periodontist and prosthodontist) and the glamorous (forensic odontologist).

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Dentistry is a clinically focused career, requiring an aptitude for hands-on work and strengths in science and mathematics. Most dentists work in private practice, although some work in government services and a small number in the Defence Force.

It is a field of practice that has changed over the years. In recent years there has been growing recognition and more education options for allied oral health professionals such as dental hygienists and dental therapists (see the health services and support field of study profile), leading to changes in the roles of dentists themselves, particularly those in general practice. The dentistry field remains small but is expanding, with the introduction of a number of new dentistry schools in recent years, including some in regional areas to cater for the demand for dentists in country Australia.

For more information about dentistry careers, see the Australian Dental Association and Dental Board of Australia websites.

If you are interested in this field you may also consider medicine , health services and support , rehabilitation or nursing .