Nurses work closely with different health professionals, patients and their families. They are well known for their compassion and communication skills. As a nurse, you will encounter some people during the most difficult times of their lives and others during the most exciting times. This is a career that is both rewarding and versatile.

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Where most people think of nurses as working exclusively in clinical practice (that is, looking after the sick or injured) and in hospitals, there is more variety than first appears. Many work in community education, factories, offices, schools, pharmaceutical companies, in administration or in nurse education. There are also many specialisations within clinical practice, such as emergency, aged care, midwifery or intensive care.

To find out more about careers in this area, check out the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation website.

If you are interested in nursing, you could also consider a range of other health professions and para-professions. See the field of study profiles for dentistry , medicine , veterinary science , social work , rehabilitation , psychology and health services and support . There may also be some specialisations of interest within the sciences and the humanities and social sciences .