Paralegal studies

In the legal system hierarchy, lawyers are at the top and all the other people who administer justice (such as police officers, parole officers, prison officers, paraprofessionals who assist lawyers and people who design and run security systems in big organisations) are arranged below them.

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Most of the courses in this field of study are designed to prepare people who are in these various occupations or those who wish to enter them. This field of study also includes courses that have emerged more recently in areas such as defence studies and terrorism.

The majority of graduates from this field are employed in the public sector. They work in the justice system, legal services, protective services and government departments, among others. Opportunities also exist in private industry and, depending on the specific area of specialisation, in independent private practice.

If you are interested in this field, you should also look at courses in law and social work . Depending on your interests and career needs, you may also find courses that appeal to you in fields as varied as business and management , education and training and humanities and social sciences .