Psychology is listed separately from the other social and behavioural sciences because it can lead to a specific profession with its own strict rules for admission and practice. It is quite different to courses in counselling, which are often bundled in with the humanities. Contrary to what people might think, the work of a psychologist involves much more than straight counselling.

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For those who follow the pathway to accreditation, there are broad options available. While the common focus of psychologists was previously on helping individuals to overcome problems — which might range in severity from the common difficulties associated with making life decisions through to mental illness — the field of psychology is now much broader. Today, many graduates work with organisations (in organisational psychology and industrial psychology) or with teams or elite sportspeople (in sports psychology). Others help clients with issues such as addictions (such as smoking and gambling), depression, eating disorders, fears and phobias, career planning, child behavioural problems, sexual problems, sleep disorders and relationships.

Accredited psychologists can choose to specialise (usually by undertaking further study) in a variety of areas, the most common being clinical psychology, counselling psychology and organisational psychology.

To find out more about careers in psychology, refer to the Australian Psychological Society and Australian Psychology Accreditation Council websites.

Other fields of study that may interest you include health services and support , education and training , humanities and social sciences , medicine , nursing , rehabilitation and social work .