Sport and leisure

Australia’s intense love of sport and recreation has driven fields under the sport and leisure umbrella to the forefront of many students’ career choices. Over the last decade, universities (mainly the newer ones) and private providers have created a host of new courses in sport and leisure. Courses in fields like sports medicine, sports management, leisure studies and outdoor recreation are now rivalling some of the most popular traditional courses.

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On the downside, while jobs were predicted to multiply faster in the sports and leisure industries than in any other sector of the economy a short while ago, it seems that the supply of graduates may have outrun the demand.

Further information about the sport industry in Australia can be found on the Australian Sport Commission website.

If you are interested in this field, you should also consider courses in tourism and hospitality and some specialisations in business and management , environmental studies or the humanities and social sciences . If you are interested in the health-related side of sport and leisure, you can also look at the field of study profiles for health services and support , rehabilitation and perhaps even medicine .