This is a field with a clear focus: ‘the determination and identification of the shape, contour, location and dimensions of land or water masses and their features, or planning and designing maps’, says one definition.

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Career versatility is a key selling point in this field. According to the Institution of Surveyors, modern surveyors ‘help police at crime scenes, they predict earthquakes, they use computer imaging and satellites to monitor environmental change, they map the ocean floor... and of course, they tell you where your land ends and your neighbour’s begins’. This means that employment prospects are excellent.

For more information about careers in surveying, check out the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute and Australian Institute of Building Surveyors websites.

If you are still shopping around for the right field, you might find other courses of interest in the sciences area (especially the earth sciences), as well as in agriculture , architecture , built environment , environmental studies and engineering and technology .