Tourism and hospitality

As hotels, restaurants and travel services have become more sophisticated, traditional Australian attitudes to ‘serving’ have changed dramatically. In the past, most people in the tourism, hospitality and related industries had little training, with most gaining the relevant knowledge and skills on the job. These days, both vocational and higher education qualifications at various levels are offered by a range of institutions.

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While TAFE institutes and private providers were the first to offer courses in this field, universities have followed suit, especially those in regions known for their tourism industry (regional Queensland, for instance).

Private institutions and TAFE institutes do well in this field, probably because many are good at teaching students ‘how to’ and not just ‘about’ work in tourism and hospitality. A number are residential schools where students work on the premises as part of their course. Note that fees may seem high at some of these providers, but they usually include accommodation and meals. Make an enquiry to be sure.

For more information about careers in this field, see the Tourism Training Australia , Australian Hotels Association and the Restaurant and Catering Australia websites.