Architectural Draftsperson


Architectural draftspersons complete architects' and other designers' concepts by preparing documents (drawings or plans) and liaising with builders and contractors.

Duties & Tasks

Architectural draftspeople may perform the following tasks:

  • prepare architectural drawings for development and construction applications, showing internal and external layouts of new and proposed buildings
  • analyse architects' and building designers' concepts, and prepare preliminary sketches and detailed drawings
  • produce designs, detailed drawings and documentation using manual or computer-aided technology
  • prepare drawings showing site layouts, proposed site layouts, site analysis, floor plans, elevations, sections, three-dimensional images, materials and finishes, as well as other aspects such as joinery detailing, construction details, lighting layouts, plumbing, drainage, car parking and landscaping
  • select quality of materials needed, taking into consideration the material and labour costs, as well as construction completion dates
  • prepare building specifications for building documentation to suit individual clients and tendering purposes
  • represent or assist architects or building designers on building sites to ensure plans and specifications are followed
  • liaise with relevant public sector organisations and specialist consultants (such as engineers, town planners and building surveyors)
  • examine relevant Acts, regulations, codes, standards and by-laws in the course of undertaking project documentation.


Building Designer

A building designer an independent architectural draftsperson who designs and prepares plans for buildings on behalf of a client. They manage the building design process from design brief to completion. This includes liaising with other designers and specialists throughout the building process, such as structural and civil engineers; electrical, mechanical and hydraulic consultants; builders; surveyors; and landscapers.

Working Conditions

Architectural draftspeople spend some time outdoors inspecting sites.

Personal Requirements

  • able to visualise ideas in three-dimensional form
  • enjoy technical drawing and working with technology
  • able to draw neatly and accurately
  • good concentration and attention to detail
  • some artistic talent in freehand drawing.

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