Audiometrists test hearing by administering audiometric tests to enable the rehabilitation of hearing loss through counselling and/or the fitting of hearing devices. They may refer or report to a medical practitioner or an audiologist as required.

Duties & Tasks

Audiometrists may perform the following tasks:

  • administer tests to assess and measure hearing
  • explain to patients how the audiometric equipment will be used to measure their hearing
  • fit earphones or bone conductors on patients and adjust controls on an audiometer to administer the tests
  • send a report to the audiologist or medical practitioner where required once the results of a test are recorded
  • take ear impressions to make ear moulds, so that a suitable hearing aid may be chosen
  • fit and check hearing aids and give instructions on their use
  • provide follow-up care and advice.


Clinical Audiometrist

A clinical audiometrist performs hearing tests to assist medical practitioners and audiologists.

Hearing Aid Audiometrist

A hearing aid audiometrist specialises in fitting hearing aids and advising clients on their use.

Industrial Screening Audiometrist

An industrial screening audiometrist performs hearing tests for pre-employment screening. They also fit and instruct clients in the use of noise protection devices such as earplugs, and perform noise assessments in factories using sound-level meters and dosimeters.

Personal Requirements

  • good communication skills
  • able to work accurately with precision instruments
  • able to be patient with hearing-impaired and elderly people.

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