Body Artist


Body artists decorate or modify the bodies of their customers using techniques such as tattooing and piercing. While some body artists perform a combination of these techniques, it is not uncommon for a body artist to specialise in one area, such as tattooing or piercing.

Duties & Tasks

Body artists may perform the following tasks:

  • consult with customers to discuss the services they require
  • maintain, clean and sterilise equipment and rooms to meet the skin penetration regulations of the state or territory
  • design tattoos, make line drawings from photocopies and make stencils for tattoos
  • make piercings using needles and tattoos using a tattoo machine, ensuring high standards of hygiene and contamination control
  • advise customers on after-care procedures
  • promote themselves to increase client numbers.

Working Conditions

Body artists work indoors and may be required to work evenings and weekends.

Personal Requirements

  • mature
  • good interpersonal skills and an ability to put the customer at ease
  • steady hand
  • good personal hygiene
  • responsible attitude to work (to eliminate risk of transmitting blood-borne diseases)
  • comfortable with needles
  • self-promotion skills
  • artistic ability (for a tattooist).

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