Theatrical Costume Maker and Designer


Theatrical costume makers and designers undertake or coordinate the design, manufacture and purchase of costumes for television, film and stage productions.

Duties & Tasks

Theatrical costume makers and designers may perform the following tasks:

  • talk with directors about the types of costumes to be worn in a production
  • estimate costs involved in supplying costumes and accessories such as hats, shoes and jewellery
  • prepare material and labour budgets for supplying costumes for each production
  • take actors' measurements and coordinate garment, wig, hat and shoe fittings
  • buy or hire costumes, or arrange to have them made
  • undertake or supervise the making, alteration and repair of costumes
  • make running repairs and alterations to costumes during the production
  • ensure costumes are properly stored and cared for.

Working Conditions

Theatrical costume makers and designers work as part of a production team and may be required to work long or irregular hours. They generally begin their careers as wardrobe assistants.

Personal Requirements

  • knowledge of fashion and historical or culturally specific costuming
  • skills in pattern making and sewing
  • able to work independently or as part of a team
  • creativity
  • able to work under pressure
  • good communication skills.

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