Guide Dog Mobility Instructor


Guide dog mobility instructors train dogs to guide people who are blind or vision-impaired. They also train these people to use and care for a guide dog.

Duties & Tasks

Guide dog mobility instructors may perform the following tasks:

  • work with a team of specially chosen dogs that have undergone initial socialisation through the Guide Dogs Association of Australia's puppy-raising scheme
  • over a period of four to six months, put the dogs through an intensive assessment and training programme
  • train the dogs to guide people with little or no sight through all likely independent travel situations
  • conduct interviews and assessments of all applicants for guide dogs
  • conduct a matching meeting, whereby guide dogs are matched to clients on the waiting list
  • train a person who is vision-impaired to use a guide dog at either a residential training facility or within the person's home area. Training is conducted over a period of three to six weeks. For people trained in the centre-based programme, additional follow-up instruction of three to five days is provided upon the person's return home.

Personal Requirements

  • good health, hearing and eyesight
  • full mobility and a good level of physical fitness
  • desire to work with people who are vision-impaired
  • flexible and adaptable
  • able to work both independently and as part of a team
  • love of, and aptitude for, working with dogs.

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