Timber Harvesting Operator


Timber harvesting operators undertake a range of tasks to do with the harvesting and maintenance of trees in natural forests and plantations, including logging, felling and sawing trees.

Duties & Tasks

Timber harvesting operators may perform the following tasks:

  • remove or trim branches and tree tops
  • load and transport logs
  • clear area around intended fall of each tree
  • plan the tree felling and bucking (sawing into logs)
  • operate manual and machine saws to fell and buck trees
  • operate machinery such as loading machines, excavators and bulldozers
  • maintain equipment
  • maintain strict occupational health and safety requirements.


Tree Faller

A tree faller operates manual and machine saws to fell and buck trees.

Working Conditions

Timber harvesting operators usually work under the supervision of a senior tree faller. They work outside, often in a team. They may be required to live in, or travel to, regional or remote areas for work.

Personal Requirements

  • able to undertake manual and heavy work
  • observant and methodical
  • good communication skills
  • enjoy outdoor work
  • enjoy working in teams
  • alert and safety-conscious.

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