Health Information Manager


Health information managers combine knowledge of healthcare processes, health records and administration, information management and human resource management to provide services that meet the medical, legal, ethical and administrative requirements of the healthcare system.

Duties & Tasks

Health information managers may perform the following tasks:

  • plan and develop health information systems for various types of healthcare facilities, including computerised patient identification systems, coding and analysis of diseases and procedures, and the design of health record forms
  • revise and test the effectiveness of existing health information record services in hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • develop and implement new policies and procedures for handling health information in accordance with professional ethics, institutional requirements and relevant legislation, including the Freedom of Information Act
  • select, supervise and manage staff
  • instruct health record service and other staff in the policies and procedures associated with the control, use and retrieval of health information
  • develop in-service training programmes for health record and other health professional staff
  • control the transfer of relevant health service data to state health departments
  • perform management functions such as workplace design, financial planning, budgetary control, quality assurance, and selection of equipment and supplies
  • assist with medical research and healthcare projects.


Health Informatician

A health informatician makes use of information technologies and computer sciences to develop and administer systems that accurately use, store, retrieve and exchange information in the healthcare field.

Working Conditions

Health information managers usually work in hospitals or other healthcare facilities where they liaise with doctors, nurses, other health professionals and administrative staff. They may have some contact with the public. Some positions involve substantial managerial responsibility.

Personal Requirements

  • organisational ability
  • potential to manage staff
  • good written and oral communication skills.

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