Information Technology Support Technician


Information technology (IT) support technicians provide technical advice and support to help people use computer software and hardware effectively.

Duties & Tasks

IT support technicians may perform the following tasks:

  • identify the hardware and software needed to provide solutions to problems
  • assist with the customisation and adaptation of existing programmes to meet users' requirements
  • provide telephone, face-to-face and online support to customers
  • download and install appropriate software
  • connect users to networks and provide initial training in facilities and applications
  • talk with vendors and programmers
  • provide information relating to customers' hardware and software purchasing decisions
  • make sure users can use the equipment by providing personal tuition and self-help instructions
  • undertake housekeeping and reporting functions for the area of responsibility.


Help Desk Operator

A help desk operator is usually involved in the provision of telephone or internet support to users of particular IT products.

Internet Services and Support Person

An internet services and support person provides assistance and technical support to users of the internet and associated computer hardware and software.

Network Support Person

A network support person assists users who are connected to in-house networks (such as local area networks), larger distributed mainframe systems and to the internet.

Personal Computer (PC) User Support Person

A personal computer (pc) user support person assists clients using personal computing technology.

Personal Requirements

  • strong client focus and genuine desire to assist
  • analytical skills
  • persistence
  • good communication skills
  • able to work as part of a team
  • patient and tolerant
  • aptitude for technical activities
  • methodical and disciplined approach to problem-solving.

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