Insurance Agent


Insurance agents represent insurance companies and sell insurance to clients, including individuals and organisations.

Duties & Tasks

Insurance agents may perform the following tasks:

  • draw up lists of clients from a variety of sources
  • contact potential clients, usually by telephone, to arrange interviews
  • research new insurance products to assist current and potential clients in making choices
  • interview clients to identify their insurance needs and how insurance policies might meet those needs
  • write an insurance recommendation list or plan to assist the client to make an informed decision
  • explain policy details to clients, including the risks for which they are covered, the rates and the benefits
  • recommend an appropriate amount and type of cover to individual clients
  • collect premiums and keep records of payments
  • regularly review clients' circumstances to ensure the level of insurance is appropriate
  • assist clients in the event of a claim
  • negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of clients.

Working Conditions

Some insurance agents are also licensed financial planners and/or investment advisers.

Personal Requirements

  • good communication skills
  • good interpersonal skills
  • perseverance and motivation
  • aptitude for working with figures
  • confidence in selling products
  • neat personal appearance.

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