Light Engine Mechanic


Light engine mechanics test, service and repair small engines and parts in boats and other small engine-powered equipment such as chainsaws, brush-cutters, lawnmowers, pumps and stationary engines.

Duties & Tasks

Light engine mechanics may perform the following tasks:

  • determine mechanical and electrical faults through discussion with users, listening to engines and using specialised testing equipment
  • dismantle faulty engine assemblies, check parts using precision measuring equipment and refer to workshop manuals
  • clean, lubricate and tune engines to ensure they run properly
  • repair damaged or faulty parts by straightening, welding, machining or hand-making new metal parts
  • repair and adjust electrical faults
  • remove small dents in panels, spray paint and do minor trim repairs
  • set up and water-test outboard motors.


Lawnmower Mechanic

A lawnmower mechanic diagnoses faults and performs necessary repairs on lawnmowers and related equipment.

Outboard Motor Mechanic

An outboard motor mechanic diagnoses faults and performs necessary repairs on boat engines.

Working Conditions

Light engine mechanics work in workshops and garages. Protective clothing is usually worn.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • normal eyesight and hearing
  • aptitude for technical activities
  • problem-solving skills
  • able to read and interpret technical information from service manuals
  • no skin allergies or reactions to grease, oil or petrol.

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