Medical Laboratory Technician


Medical laboratory technicians carry out routine laboratory tests and other procedures used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human body.

Duties & Tasks

Medical laboratory technicians may perform the following tasks:

  • set up equipment used in the laboratory and clean it after use
  • prepare and stain slides of microorganisms for microscopic examination
  • under supervision, collect blood samples, perform blood counts and carry out tests to determine bleeding, coagulation time, blood types and other characteristics
  • communicate results of tests to the medical officers who have requested them.



A phlebotomist practises the drawing of blood for therapeutic, transfusion, diagnostic or experimental purposes.

Working Conditions

Medical laboratory technicians work as part of a team with doctors, scientists and laboratory assistants.

Personal Requirements

  • attention to detail
  • able to work accurately and with minimal supervision
  • able to do repetitive work without losing concentration.

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