Museum Curator


Museum curators look after, manage, organise, display and develop museum collections, and conduct related research.

Duties & Tasks

Museum curators may perform the following tasks:

  • acquire items for the collections in their care
  • examine items to determine condition and authenticity
  • identify and classify specimens, and arrange conservation and restoration work
  • maintain records about all items in the collection
  • organise and participate in display teams, which may involve travelling or arranging for loan exhibitions, or overseeing the organisation of in-house temporary exhibitions or displays
  • initiate and maintain research and publication programmes
  • establish networks and assist other professionals on request
  • lecture and write about collections and answer public enquiries
  • supervise support staff and organise administrative duties associated with the use and care of collections.

Working Conditions

They generally work indoors in museums and art galleries, but they may be required to travel extensively on field study. In small museums, one curator may be responsible for the management of the entire institution and its collections.

Personal Requirements

  • appreciation of the history of science, the environment or the arts
  • patient
  • able to pay attention to detail
  • an objective, methodical approach to work
  • good oral and written communication skills
  • a good imagination
  • aptitude for research.

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