Museum Officer


Museum officers prepare specimens for collections, and construct and arrange museum and art gallery exhibits.

Duties & Tasks

Museum officers may perform the following tasks:

  • clean fossil specimens, mould and restore skeletal parts, construct skeletal mounts, re-assemble fragmented specimens and create substitute pieces
  • construct models and make castings or moulds of artefacts and objects for display purposes
  • mount and prepare objects for display according to conservation requirements
  • design and build display cases, mounts and other exhibition presentation devices
  • design, prepare and install display hardware
  • receive, ship, pack and unpack exhibits
  • maintain museum files
  • supervise and assist other workers in the cleaning, cataloguing, labelling and storing of specimens.


Museum Education Officer

A museum education officer initiates, develops and administers special programmes to inform and educate visiting school groups and other members of the public about the collections and exhibitions. Education officers may also organise and travel with mobile exhibitions to suburban or country areas. Education officers often combine previous career experience in education, learning or community development work with a career in museums.

Working Conditions

Museum officers work mainly indoors, although extensive fieldwork may be required in some areas.

Personal Requirements

  • patient, with a methodical approach to work
  • able to pay attention to detail
  • aptitude for design.

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