Real Estate Salesperson


Real estate salespeople arrange the sale of land, residential properties (such as houses and flats), businesses, factories, shops and farms on behalf of the owners.

Duties & Tasks

Real estate salespeople may perform the following tasks:

  • discuss the method of sale, presentation of the property, costs and inspection times with vendors (sellers)
  • estimate the current market price and suggest a reserve or minimum selling price by preparing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • list details of land or buildings for sale and arrange the advertising of properties
  • assess buyers' needs and locate properties for their consideration
  • take prospective buyers to inspect properties
  • advise on merits of properties and the terms of sale
  • arrange legal agreements between vendors and buyers
  • arrange finance and insurance.


Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent carries out the functions of a real estate salesperson and also manages the activities of other real estate salespeople.

Working Conditions

Real estate salespeople often work irregular hours, including weekends. This occupation involves a great deal of contact with the public and with associated professionals, such as builders, valuers, solicitors, conveyancers, and banking and local government personnel. Real estate salespeople may specialise in areas such as residential, commercial or business sales.

Personal Requirements

  • good communication and negotiation skills
  • good presentation and a pleasant manner
  • able to network effectively
  • able to work without direct supervision
  • strong sales focus
  • good organisational skills and attention to detail
  • good working knowledge of the local area.

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