Set Designer


Set designers research, design and supervise the construction of sets and scenery, costumes and all the visual aids required in stage, film and television productions.

Duties & Tasks

Set designers may perform the following tasks:

  • produce freehand sketches, accurate scale models, plans and working drawings in consultation with the director of the production, the production manager and other creative artists
  • design sets and props, taking into consideration budget allocations and the artistic and technical requirements of the director or producer
  • supervise qualified tradespeople who construct the sets and direct set assistants on matters relating to design interpretations
  • advise on other areas of technical production such as lighting and sound.

Working Conditions

Set designers mostly work in large cities where the main centres of entertainment, production, training and development are located. They often work long hours.

Personal Requirements

  • artistic flair
  • able to combine practical and artistic skills
  • good communication skills.

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