Ship's Catering Attendant


Ships' catering attendants provide cabin, bar and dining services to passengers and crew on ships.

Duties & Tasks

Ships' catering attendants may perform the following tasks:

  • clean cabins, lounges and other areas
  • direct passengers to their cabins and carry luggage
  • provide room service to passengers and crew
  • distribute clean linen and make beds
  • help to prepare and serve meals and drinks
  • attend to passengers' needs such as laundry, dispatching messages and answering queries.

Working Conditions

Ships' catering attendants work on passenger and cargo ships. The work can be physically demanding and involves extended periods at sea. Ships generally have reasonable accommodation and working conditions.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy meeting new people
  • good communication skills
  • pleasant personality
  • neat personal appearance
  • enjoy life at sea.

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