Stablehands assist with maintaining and cleaning stables and handling horses.

Duties & Tasks

Stablehands may perform the following tasks:

  • brush and groom, feed, handle and exercise horses, and lead them to their stables
  • check horses for lameness, common injuries, ailments and infections
  • give first aid, medication or other treatment to horses
  • clean and maintain stables and training equipment
  • accompany horses to registered race meetings, gymkhanas (horseriding events) and equestrian events
  • exercise horses during track work or equestrian activities.


Stud Groom

A stud groom assists in coordinating horse breeding activities, including selecting horses for mating and assisting with breeding and foaling procedures.

Working Conditions

Stablehands start work early in the morning and may be required to work on weekends and public holidays. The work must be done in all kinds of weather. Long hours are usually involved.

Personal Requirements

  • good health
  • capable of hard physical work
  • genuine interest in horses and their care.

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