Teacher - English as a Second Language


Teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) teach, and assist other teachers to teach, students whose first language or dialect is not Standard Australian English to become proficient with the English language.

Duties & Tasks

ESL teachers may perform the following tasks:

  • teach students basic or advanced English language skills
  • teach students individually and in small groups outside of the regular classroom, or assist students within normal classroom settings
  • diagnose and assess English language competency in students whose first language is a language other than English
  • provide assistance to regular classroom teachers by designing special teaching programmes for students with English language difficulties
  • provide advice concerning the community services available to assist students with English language difficulties.


Adult Migrant Teacher

An adult migrant teacher teaches English to adult migrants whose native language is not English, in addition to courses such as 'an introduction to Australian society' to adults who have recently arrived. Adult migrant education teachers work with individuals and groups. They may work for the state or territory government or in private organisations, educational institutions and community venues. They may also work in distance learning programmes, Home Tutor schemes and English in the Workplace programmes.

Personal Requirements

  • an understanding and acceptance of cultural differences
  • an excellent grasp of English language structure
  • able to identify the needs of individual students
  • very good communication skills
  • excellent organisational skills
  • prepared to work outside of school hours
  • patient when dealing with students of differing abilities and cultures.

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