Theatre Mechanist


Theatre mechanists prepare and put together sets for live performances, theatre, opera, musical concerts and dance performances.

Duties & Tasks

Theatre mechanists may perform the following tasks:

  • load and unload scenery
  • build and set up stage scenery and suspended scenery (or 'flown' scenery)
  • determine the best method for storage and setting of scenery in performances
  • run the scenery movements in a performance
  • operate the mechanical components of the stage including trap doors, lifting equipment and movable scenery
  • carry out maintenance and repairs of stage scenery.

Working Conditions

Theatre mechanists work as part of a small team. Working hours are irregular and may include long shifts, nights and weekends.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy manual work
  • able to use a variety of tools
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • enjoy working with people in a team environment.

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