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Student Profile

Jack Hunter

Studying: Dual Diploma of Business and Management

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After not knowing where my career was heading after high school, I decided that I needed to just do something — so I called a couple of different colleges and found that Alderdice & Associates Institute of Business and Management made me feel at ease and comfortable with their program. I was impressed by the detail and convenience of their website and online campus and staff were happy to assist and answer all of my questions.

The continual support that they offered throughout the course was fantastic; it made it easy for me to stay on top of my subjects. Even the way lectures are presented on the system was comprehensive and easy to understand.

In my class there was a wide range of students, our oldest student was in his late 60s, and we had a great mix of different backgrounds.

I liked that I could still keep my job while I studied and that I could complete the course at home or anywhere I travelled.

The system that they use allows you to log on any time and discuss ideas and opinions from anywhere. Not only did this allow me to feel like I always had people to talk with and was never alone, it allowed me to be exposed to working and talking with people from very different walks of life, which ultimately made me better prepared for life in the business world.

I feel inspired to succeed and that the knowledge that I have is a strong foundation for me to move forward.

The lecturers and teachers all have heaps of industry experience and are so approachable. The stories they shared about their experiences were relevant, inspiring and helped bring the content to life. I found this helped me to understand the real-world application of my subjects and kept me constantly thinking of the future, what my opportunities are, what I want to do and who I want to be.

One of the best things they did was taught me how to think. In a business environment there is rarely just one right answer, and through my studies I have learnt to question, innovate and be creative to resolve issues and achieve goals.