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Student Profile

Cameron Maher

Studying: Diploma of Hospitality Management

What were the elements of your Advanced Diploma of Hospitality that you found the most interesting and challenging?

What I found to be engaging were the amazing practical elements of classes — things like the barista school, cocktail making, wine studies, hotel reception role-plays and running the William Angliss Restaurant as a service team. This practical approach to learning developed the skills and most importantly the confidence to help me succeed once entering the industry. I was challenged by subjects that were teaching the tools and skills for management — the classes of finance, human resource management and safety and security helped to develop a way of thinking that translates into successful business operations. However, these are critical components of knowledge I still use to this day.

Describe a typical day in your role at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.

A typical day begins with meeting with the front of house management team, senior chefs and reservations to discuss the finer details of service for the day. Everything from who is coming to dine with us, through to menu changes, special events, dietary requirements, concerns to address from the previous day and strategic discussions. I try to complete some administration work in the afternoon — ordering, invoices, training, rostering and responding to emails.

When service begins, the focus is on making sure that the team has been put in a position to succeed, making sure that they are prepared with the knowledge and support required to handle a busy service.

My role is often to help oversee the dining room. I support the wait staff, look to build relationships around the dining room with guests, and communicate with the kitchen and host team to manage the flow of service. In a busy restaurant that can look after 200 guests per service, my role is to help steady and maintain the composure of the front of house team by guiding the service while trying to deliver an amazing guest experience.

What makes you passionate about the hospitality industry?

My happiest moments are sharing special meals with friends and family so I love being able to be a part of this experience on a daily basis. I am constantly surrounded by outstanding food and beverages and being able to share those with guests. When everything goes right, you are able to have a huge impact and really create some memorable experiences.

What piece of advice would you give to students embarking on a career in hospitality?

Try to surround yourself with professionals. Work in the best environment you can, with the best products, the most talented people and the best reputation. I really believe that when you are put in an environment that strives for excellence, the learning opportunities are endless.