Army Officer

Army officers command, train and motivate soldiers for both peacetime and wartime tasks. They are the leaders and managers of the Army, working at the middle and executive management level.

Duties & Tasks

Army officers may perform the following tasks:

  • provide leadership and motivation as required within a team
  • ensure the unit is managed efficiently
  • communicate and cooperate closely with both military and civilian organisations
  • teach members of their unit efficient procedures and practice
  • take on further professional and military training to expand their experience and responsibility
  • manage their personnel and equipment under both administrative and military exercise conditions.

Working conditions

Working conditions vary greatly, from working in an office to spending extended time in rough conditions in the field. Army officers may be posted to a wide range of locations, in Australia and overseas.

Personal requirements

  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • good organisation skills
  • leadership qualities
  • good interpersonal and communication skills
  • meet aptitude and medical requirements
  • willing to serve anywhere in Australia or overseas
  • at least 17 years of age
  • Australian citizenship.
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