Instrument Fitter

Instrument fitters assemble and install precise instruments that measure, indicate, transmit, record and control.

Duties & Tasks

Instrument fitters may perform the following tasks:

  • fit and assemble instrument parts such as circuit boards, power supplies and control units, springs, bearings, lenses and glass faces
  • check instruments for accuracy and calibrate (to manufacturers' specifications), using standard weights and measures; pneumatic, electrical and electronic test equipment; and small hand tools
  • install industrial instruments and equipment such as control panels, sensors, transmitters and controllers, meters and fixed cameras (if an appropriate licence is held)
  • dismantle and re-assemble delicate mechanisms or electronic circuits
  • overhaul instrument systems and repair or replace faulty parts using power tools and small hand tools
  • check performance using testing and measuring instruments and make necessary adjustments
  • set up computers and control equipment
  • connect computers to control systems and check the operation of these systems.

Personal requirements

  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • good eyesight (may be corrected) and normal colour vision
  • able to do precise and detailed work
  • aptitude for technical activities.
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