Air Force General Entrant

Air Force general entrants perform a variety of specialist Air Force tasks on the ground and in the air.

Duties & Tasks

After initial training, an Air Force general entrant may specialise as an/a:

  • Air Surveillance Operator - operates radar systems, high-technology computers, and advanced display and communications systems for air defence.
  • Airborne Electronics Analyst - operates airborne electronic systems to identify ships and submarines, as well as to assist with search and rescue operations.
  • Airfield Defence Guard - maintains security of both Air Force bases and installations, takes part in land search and rescue operations, and instructs base personnel on security matters.
  • Cook - prepares food and distributes it to an entire Air Force base.
  • Dental Assistant - helps with dental procedures, writes reports and manages the accounting and appointment records.
  • Air Intelligence Analyst - Geospatial Intelligence - collects, analyses, stores and distributes intelligence in the form of images of ground force status and operational capability.
  • Medical Assistant - works in Air Force hospitals and Unit Health Facilities to assist registered nurses with care of patients.
  • Air Intelligence Analyst - Signals Intelligence - operates modern communications receiving and analysis equipment in various operational roles.

Personal requirements

  • willing to accept responsibility
  • able to lead and motivate others
  • willing to serve anywhere in Australia or overseas
  • Australian citizenship
  • at least 17 years of age
  • meet aptitude and medical requirements.
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