Air Force Technician/Tradesperson

Air Force technicians and tradespersons undertake a variety of technical and trades-related jobs in the Air Force, including assisting with the construction and maintenance of Air Force equipment and buildings.

Duties & Tasks

Air Force technicians and tradespeople may specialise as an/a:

  • Aircraft Life Support Fitter - ensures all aircraft safety equipment is fully operational, including parachutes, life rafts, anti-gravity suits, flying helmets and breathing apparatus.
  • Aircraft Structural Technician - fixes structural components like wings, fuselage and engine structures on all military aircraft.
  • Carpenter - designs, constructs, maintains and repairs all non-aircraft buildings and equipment, from site planning and excavation to tiling and glazing.
  • Electrician - installs, maintains and repairs power and lighting systems for both industrial and domestic installations, and manages the operation of base emergency power supply.
  • Fitter and Turner (Ground Mechanical Engineering Fitter) - manufactures and modifies tools, jigs and dies. They also test and service ground support equipment and workshop plant machinery, and repair mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • Motor Mechanic (Ground Support Equipment Technician) - maintains motor transport vehicles, ground support equipment, aircraft arrester systems, marine craft, refuelling equipment and installations.
  • Plumber - installs, maintains and repairs Air Force water systems, including sanitary and sewerage systems, roofing, guttering, hot water systems and gas appliances.

Personal requirements

  • at least 17 years of age
  • able to pass applicable medical and aptitude tests
  • willing to accept responsibility
  • enjoy leading and motivating others
  • willing to serve anywhere in Australia or overseas
  • Australian citizenship.
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