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Bank Officer

Bank officers (including building society and credit union officers) receive and pay out money and assist customers with loans, foreign currency exchange and investments.

Duties & Tasks
Bank officers may perform the following tasks:
  • identify customer needs and refer customers to appropriate banking services and specialists
  • accept money or cheques deposited by customers, verify records and receipts, and credit customers' accounts
  • pay money to customers according to advice slips, cheques or negotiable documents, and debit customers' accounts
  • assess the viability and credit risk of business and consumer loan proposals
  • conduct foreign currency transactions for overseas travellers
  • provide change and cash cheques
  • record transactions
  • balance cash and advise supervisors of cash position or discrepancies
  • answer customer enquiries
  • open and close accounts for customers.
  • Working conditions
    Most bank employees work in a branch network where customers are mainly individuals and local businesses. Bank officers can request transfers to work in other branches and departments.
    Personal requirements
  • good communication and interpersonal skills
  • able to make calculations quickly and accurately
  • good organisation skills
  • willing to transfer to other branches if required.
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