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Bus Driver

Bus drivers transport passengers over established or special routes and on chartered journeys or tours.

Duties & Tasks
Bus drivers may perform the following tasks:
  • stop at designated locations to pick up or set down passengers
  • adhere to set bus timetables and routes
  • open and close doors before and after passengers board or alight
  • control lighting, heating and ventilation on buses
  • collect fares, give change and issue tickets
  • advise passengers on destinations
  • use a public address (PA) system to provide information or tour commentaries to passengers.
  • Working conditions
    Bus drivers are required to wear uniforms and must be willing to work shifts. Contact with the public is an important part of the job.
    Personal requirements
  • courteous and helpful when dealing with the public
  • able to pass a company or government medical examination that includes eyesight and colour vision tests
  • responsible attitude.
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