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Cashiers receive cash, cheques or credit/debit card payments, record these payments using cash registers or electronic equipment and provide change to customers.

Duties & Tasks
Cashiers may perform the following tasks:
  • receive goods selected by the customer and operate cash registers
  • talk with other staff where there is doubt about a particular price
  • receive payment for goods from customers and provide change as shown by the electronic cash register
  • weigh, wrap or pack goods and remove price tags and special security tabs
  • help customers find products in the store
  • price items with a price gun and rotate stock by bringing the old stock forward on the shelves during quieter times
  • process payment for accounts such as telephone or electricity bills and issue receipts
  • work out totals for cash and other takings at the end of each working day
  • count and prepare money for deposit in a bank or building society
  • keep records of amounts received and paid, and regularly check the cash balance against this record
  • operate automatic ticket-issuing machines and other computerised equipment.
  • Working conditions
    Shiftwork and irregular hours may be involved. Most cashiers are employed on a part-time or casual basis. In most workplaces you will need to use computer systems for sales or payment processing.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy clerical and administrative tasks
  • able to work quickly and accurately
  • confidence in handling money
  • good communication skills
  • good customer service skills.
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