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Cultural Heritage Officer

Cultural heritage officers are involved in the identification, assessment, conservation and interpretation of places and objects that have cultural heritage value.

Duties & Tasks
Cultural heritage officers may perform the following tasks:
  • develop conservation policy and guidelines
  • check and administer legislation
  • compile and supply educational information on cultural heritage and conservation
  • seek and arrange funding to support heritage applications
  • identify, assess and compare the heritage value of objects, places, events and practices, and determine how they acquired their heritage value
  • provide advice on proposed projects or activities that may affect cultural heritage sites
  • provide advice about the interpretation, conservation and management of places and objects of cultural heritage significance
  • prepare thematic histories (studies based on a particular theme in history).
  • Working conditions
    Cultural heritage officers must also develop and regularly update their knowledge of Australian history, Indigenous history and culture, urban/environmental design and one or more areas of specialisation such as prehistory, archaeology, geology, ecology, architecture, visual arts or popular culture.
    Personal requirements
  • interest in objects, events, places and practices of the past and their significance for the present and the future
  • an enquiring mind and a capacity for detailed observation and accurate research
  • good written communication skills
  • able to work independently or as part of a team
  • interest in other people and cultures
  • able to prioritise and work under time constraints.
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