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Dairy Technologist

Food technologists develop and improve existing food products and set standards for producing, packaging and marketing food. They use chemistry, microbiology, engineering and other scientific methods to study the process of food deterioration.

Duties & Tasks
Food technologists may perform the following tasks:
  • ensure safe and hygienic conditions are maintained during processing, storage and packaging of food
  • check raw ingredients and processed food for nutritional value, safety and quality
  • undertake basic and applied research into aspects of food processing, food preservation, food quality, food deterioration, packaging, storage and delivery
  • check foods for colour, texture and taste to ensure products meet government regulations and standards
  • develop and ensure food standards
  • demonstrate products to clients
  • develop new products and devise the techniques needed to produce these foods and maintain quality during storage
  • supervise cleaning and maintenance of machinery used in food processing
  • compare products with those of other brands and participate in surveys that provide information to management about new products and market trends
  • supervise the transportation of foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables and milk, as well as inspect for spoilage and quality deterioration
  • develop quality control procedures for the manufacture of products in plants or factories
  • analyse results and experimental data
  • supervise and coordinate the work of technicians.
  • Working conditions
    Food technologists may be required to wear protective clothing.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy scientific activities
  • able to take initiative
  • good problem-solving skills
  • aptitude for mathematics, science and technology
  • able to work as part of a team
  • strong reading and writing abilities
  • good observation and communication skills
  • a high level of accuracy
  • good physical health.
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