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Debt Collector

Debt collectors assist in the retrieval of money owed by debtors from overdue accounts, unpaid loans or other debts. They may contact the debtor, advise them of debts and arrange for payments to be made.

Duties & Tasks
Debt collectors may perform the following tasks:
  • contact debtors and inform them of debts
  • liaise with debtors, clients, process servers and solicitors
  • provide information on debts
  • prepare summonses and statements of claim for filing at court
  • locate debtors and convey demand for payment
  • put a settlement proposal or alternative payment arrangement to the debtor
  • sight, inspect or recover a security interest.
  • Working conditions
    Debt collectors often work in situations that can be stressful and must be able to maintain their professional conduct at all times. They may be required to work in the evenings or on weekends. The work may involve a lot of travelling to meet clients or debtors.par The work of debt collectors is increasingly specialised. Some debt collectors work in offices or call centres while others are required to visit debtors at their home or workplace.
    Personal requirements
  • good negotiation skills
  • ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • good research skills
  • patient and persistent
  • able to abide by strict regulations
  • good computer and internet skills.
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