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Ship's officers navigate and supervise the safe operation of ships at sea, in port and at anchor. They coordinate the activities of the crew and control cargo stowage loading and unloading operations.

Shipwrights construct, fit out, commission and repair all types of vessels from small pleasure craft through to a range of competitive, commercial and naval vessels. These vessels are built from a range of materials including metal, wood, aluminium, fibreglass, plastic, composites or ferro cement (reinforced cement or concrete).

Shoe repairers repair shoes and leather goods according to customer requirements.

Shotfirers assemble, position and detonate explosives to break or dislodge rock and soil or to demolish structures.

Signmakers design, paint, manufacture and install signs for displays, buildings, shopping complexes, signboards, boats, vehicles and structures.

A singer sings songs to entertain live audiences, or for broadcast or recording.

Smallgoods makers select and prepare meat, and manage the processes in the production of smallgoods.

A social media manager is responsible for maintaining a business’ presence and reputation across social networks. They are required to have a strong knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat, and to stay across new networks and developments.

Social workers help people to deal with personal and social problems, either directly or by planning or carrying out programmes that benefit groups or communities. They are interested in challenging the structural barriers that contribute to inequality, discrimination, exploitation and oppression within communities.

Sociologists study the development, structure, social patterns and interrelationships of social groups and human societies.

A software developer designs, tests and programs computer software. They are traditionally a member of the IT department within an organisation and, depending on the size of the company, may work individually or as part of a team. They are responsible for writing, monitoring and modifying software to ensure that computer systems are functioning correctly.

Solid plasterers apply decorative and protective coverings of plaster, cement or similar materials to the interiors and exteriors of buildings.

Sound technicians operate technical equipment to amplify, enhance, record, mix or reproduce sound in support of performing arts. They may also assemble and maintain sound equipment. Sound technicians may work in radio, television and recording studios, or in theatres and other live performance venues. They may also work in wholesale and retail businesses trading in sound reproduction, recording and public address (PA) equipment. In some cases, they specialise in operating or maintaining sound equipment.

Specialist medical practitioners (specialists) diagnose and treat physical and mental illnesses and disorders using specialised testing and diagnostic, medical and surgical techniques.

Speech pathologists diagnose, treat and provide management services to people of all ages with communication disorders, including speech, language, voice, fluency, social communication and literacy difficulties. They also work with people who have problems with chewing or swallowing.

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