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Foresters study, establish, manage and harvest forests to ensure there is a continuing supply of timber and associated forest products. They also maintain forests to meet community recreational needs.

Duties & Tasks
Foresters may perform the following tasks:
  • manage forest resources by protecting and regenerating forests and promoting effective growth
  • establish plantations of native and introduced timber species
  • plan and implement fire prevention, detection and suppression systems
  • observe the effects of environmental factors on the growth and health of plants
  • measure and record tree volume and growth, as well as changes in the forest's timber and other resources
  • estimate the sustainable supply of timber and associated forest products
  • plan and implement the growing and harvesting of native and introduced plantation forests
  • protect wildlife habitats and forest streams
  • develop recreational facilities and control their use
  • undertake landscape management, which may involve manual and satellite mapping, aerial photo interpretation and field measurements
  • advise governments, industry and landholders on forestry, and plan and conduct educational programmes on the care and value of trees and forests
  • conduct research on various aspects of forestry
  • supervise and train technical, clerical and field staff and coordinate their work.
  • Working conditions
    Foresters work both indoors and outdoors, often in isolated bush areas.
    Personal requirements
  • aptitude for science
  • able to take initiative
  • interested in environmental issues
  • good communication skills
  • enjoy outdoor activities.
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