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Climate change analysts create mathematical models to predict environmental changes. Their work is used to educate and inform policy and planning surrounding climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Clinical coders translate descriptions of medical diagnoses and procedures into codes, which record healthcare data.

Clothing and soft furnishing production workers are involved in all stages of production, from marking and cutting the fabric through to finishing the item.

Clothing patternmakers produce master patterns from designs. They work closely with designers, interpreting their sketches to develop a style that can be achieved by the company's equipment and staff, and that fits the image of the company's label.

Clothing, fabric and textile factory hands perform routine tasks in clothing, fabric and textile factories.

Community centre managers coordinate welfare centres and programs or projects that provide social welfare support.

Community services case managers assist members of the public in accessing government and community services that best suit their needs by directing them to and helping to provide these services.

Community workers encourage and assist community groups to identify their needs, participate in decision-making and develop appropriate services and facilities to meet those needs.

Computer engineers are involved in the installation, repair and servicing of computers and associated equipment.

Computer systems auditors are involved in the design and monitoring of control systems, which ensure the accuracy and security of data. They also review an organisation's computing environment and the use of their computer facilities. Computer systems auditors provide managers with expert opinions about the reliability of results and operations of computer systems. It is essential that computer systems auditors understand both the accounting and information technology implications of computer systems.

Concreters place, spread, compact, finish and cure concrete for buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges and marine structures, using hand tools and automated machinery.

Confectioners mix, shape and cook sweeteners and other ingredients to produce confectionery, including chocolate, toffee and other lollies.

Conservators plan, organise and undertake the preservation and conservation of materials and objects in private, public and community collections, including libraries, archives, museums, art galleries, art centres, and historical and archaeological sites. Conservators specialise in a range of areas, including paper, paintings, photographs, social and cultural artefacts, bookbinding and archives, furniture, archaeological materials, buildings and historic sites, outdoor sculpture and large technology objects, textiles and preventative conservation.

Construction managers are responsible for organising, overseeing and coordinating the construction of building projects and the resources involved in the process.

Construction managers are responsible for coordinating the construction of large building projects such as hotels, factories, office blocks, home unit developments, schools, hospitals and housing developments.

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