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Gaming Worker

Gaming workers provide gamblers with gaming services in casinos and other gambling establishments.

Duties & Tasks
Gaming workers may perform the following tasks:
  • monitor cash given to cashiers and transactions of gaming tokens (called chips)
  • look out for possible incidents and settle disputes arising at gaming tables
  • deal games in accordance with casino rules, policies and procedures
  • advise patrons about the rules and etiquette of games
  • check gaming equipment and ensure it is in good condition
  • report any missing or damaged equipment.
  • Working conditions
    Gaming workers are required to work shifts, including nights, weekends and public holidays. They may have to stand for long periods of time. Uniforms may be provided.
    Personal requirements
  • mature and confident
  • high level of integrity
  • able to make calculations quickly and accurately
  • neat personal appearance
  • good communication skills and friendly personality
  • able to work under pressure and deal with difficult customers
  • able to concentrate for long periods of time without distraction
  • good with hands
  • at least 18 years of age.
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