Graphic Pre-press Tradesperson

Graphic pre-press tradespersons use computerised typesetting and image assembly to design layouts and assemble text and graphics into page formats for printing.

Personal requirements

  • enjoy technical work par interested in typography, art and design par able to carry out detailed work par good knowledge of the English language par good eyesight (may be corrected) and normal colour vision par good hand-eye coordination par high degree of concentration and patience.

Duties & Tasks

Graphic pre-press tradespeople may perform the following tasks:par - develop visual conceptspar - prepare layouts and finished artwork by deciding the type size and style, line width and visual composition of illustrations and photographspar - manipulate images and type to meet production and design requirements using a variety of computer hardware and softwarepar - produce and process photographic imagespar - electronically scan, separate and correct the colour of imagespar - prepare a variety of printing mediums, including letterpresses, offset lithographic plates, gravure cylinders and flexographic plates or blockspar - input, transfer and manipulate electronic data for a variety of devices, including typesetting systems, scanners and multimedia systemspar - manage digital data and client files.

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