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Home Improvement Installer

Home improvement installers put in place home improvements such as awnings, curtains, blinds, flyscreens, garage doors, exterior cladding, shower screens and prefabricated windows and doors.

Duties & Tasks
Home improvement installers may perform the following tasks:
  • check specifications and worksites to plan installations
  • provide quotes for home improvements
  • measure and mark locations for frames, brackets or hinges
  • drill holes in wood, brick, stone or fibrous structures
  • bolt, screw or nail frame fittings into place
  • fit frames and home improvements to structures and fasten them into position
  • attach and adjust mechanical fittings, such as cranks, locks and pull-cords
  • install flashing and weatherproofing to fittings such as awnings, shower screens and prefabricated windows and doors.
  • Personal requirements
  • enjoy practical work
  • good communication skills
  • strong personal drive
  • able to think creatively and solve problems
  • able to work efficiently
  • able to stick to deadlines and budget.
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