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Hospital Food Service Manager

Caterers organise and control the operations of establishments involved in catering and dining, such as restaurants, cafes, cafeterias and canteens.

Duties & Tasks
Caterers may perform the following tasks:
  • discuss catering arrangements with clients
  • talk with the chef to plan the menu
  • supervise the purchase and storage of food
  • supervise provision of all crockery, cutlery, detergents and kitchenware
  • ensure there is adequate security for food and equipment
  • keep records of payments and expenses
  • plan, coordinate and supervise the activities of workers in dining rooms, kitchens, bars and other areas
  • manage staff hiring, training and rostering
  • ensure the dining rooms, kitchen, storage facilities and other work areas are kept clean and conform to health regulations
  • attend to complaints concerning food and service.
  • Personal requirements
  • good communication and organisational skills
  • able to remain calm in difficult situations
  • able to work as part of a team.
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