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Illustrators create drawings and designs for books and magazines, advertisements, film, television and multimedia. Illustrators work on paper, and two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) models. They may use traditional or computer-based techniques, or a combination of both.

Duties & Tasks
Illustrators may perform the following tasks:
  • study the project brief (instructions) and select an appropriate style, technique and medium to use
  • research a topic by looking at photographs, artworks, advertisements and books, and by observing people, animals and plants
  • prepare sketches, layouts and storyboards to try out different ideas
  • create illustrations using charcoal, pen, ink, paint, photography and computer graphics software
  • create and model creatures, characters, environments and interiors for 2D and 3D computer animations
  • discuss the project with clients and the production team, making changes as requested.
  • Personal requirements
  • high level of drawing skill
  • strong drive to succeed
  • ability to see a project through to completion
  • problem-solving skills
  • excellent listening skills
  • willingness to experiment with different techniques
  • able to work to the client brief
  • a feeling for movement and timing
  • aptitude for working with computers
  • flexibility.
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