How to become a Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers act on behalf of their clients, providing professional and technical advice about commercial, corporate and personal insurance products from a range of companies according to their clients' individual needs.

Personal requirements of a Insurance Broker

  • aptitude for numbers and calculations
  • sound judgment
  • perseverance and motivation
  • good negotiation skills
  • strong attention to detail
  • good communication skills.

Duties & Tasks of a Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers may perform the following tasks:

  • draw up a list of potential clients
  • make contact with these clients to see if they are interested in insurance
  • interview prospective clients to explain the details of an insurance policy and make recommendations on the amount and type of cover that may be required
  • research and review available insurance products to ensure clients are given the best and most appropriate offer
  • negotiate policy premiums and conditions with insurers on behalf of clients
  • arrange insurance according to client instructions
  • regularly review client circumstances to ensure their level of cover is appropriate
  • market their services to increase their number of clients
  • collect premiums on behalf of insurers.
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