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Interpreters use their knowledge of languages and cultures to convert a spoken or signed language into another spoken or signed language, usually within a limited time frame and in the presence of the participants who need to communicate.

Duties & Tasks
Interpreters may perform the following tasks:
  • interpret verbal or signed communications between two parties
  • provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretations of conversations or speeches
  • express the meaning and feeling of what is said or signed in another language in the appropriate tone and style within a range of settings
  • verbally translate written texts.
  • Personal requirements
  • excellent command of English
  • fluency or ability to learn at least one other language
  • able to interpret accurately and objectively
  • initiative and research skills
  • broad general knowledge
  • good concentration skills
  • good memory
  • able to maintain confidentiality
  • understanding and acceptance of different cultures.
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